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4th Generation 



Brian is a fourth generation farmer, born and raised around the family farm and passionate about everything agriculture. Like most farm raised children, Brian took a keen interest in farming operations at a young age and spent his days tagging along with his Grandpa, Dad and Brother, or playing with his tractors and farm toys in the yard at home. 

Brian has completed business courses from Lethbridge Community College and is a Journeyman Water Well Driller. He was the recipient of the top apprentice award in his trade from the Government of Alberta and received the AWWDA Maurice Lewis Award, a prestigious honour given to the industry's most outstanding young water well drilling professional. 

He is currently working full time on the farm taking care of the day to day operations and overseeing the planning and management of the crop production. He is a graduate from the CMBTC Malt Academy and has served on the Board of Directors for the Alberta Barley Commission as a Director-at-Large and Vice Chair.

When not farming Brian enjoys being a super fun, "let's go get a slurpee" Dad, skiing and snowboarding, boating, skateboarding, playing hockey, looking at farm machinery online and going on crop tours with anyone that will join him. He coaches with Foothills Minor Hockey, currently sits on the FMHA Board of Directors, and also volunteers on the ice with the Blackie School Bulldogs Hockey Program.  



Carmen grew up in the High River community but did not become involved in agriculture until joining the Sewell family where she works alongside Brian strategically planning and streamlining the farm operations.


She has a post secondary education in Marketing and Business Administration at Mount Royal University and is a graduate from the CMBTC Malt Academy. 


Carmen also has 15+ years experience in marketing and communications with a focus on professional services. From development of online presence, to brand development and maintenance, creation of communications, execution of professional development programs, client relations ship experience enhancements, event planning, and business development support.

In her spare time she can be found snowboarding, boating, spending time at her family cabin and keeping up with her three busy kids. She volunteers at her children's school any chance she gets and is an active part of the Parent Council. She is also the President and Etiquette Coach for the High River Spring Ball Program, a local community organization that teaches teens career, social and personal life skills to build their confidence and help them prepare for their future.

The Next Generation . . .  

Aleyx 2022 dance 3.jpeg


Aleyx loves school and her social life, school. She is dancer and spends all her free time at the dance studio in High River. She will also ski when we make her. 

As a kid she always thought farming was important because  "without things like wheat, you can't have food like cakes & cookies.


She is barley ever home but when she is she can be found cleaning out a tractor or combine for money.  



Quinn aka "Rudy" is a lord loving cow girl that knows who she is. 


She's the most helpful of the 3 kids on the farm, but wishes we had cows too because the grain farm is not enough. 

She's into rodeo, horse riding, caring for horses, dirt biking, skiing and likes to play shinny with her Dad and brother at the Blackie rink. 



Sawyer loves track tractors, HOCKEY,  dirt biking, biking, skiing, scootering and salt & vinegar chips. 


He will trade his working services on the farm for V bucks and thrives at his chore of "playing with the dogs". 


He loves going on long road trips with Brian to pick up things he buys on Kijiji and online auctions. 

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