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About Our Company

Our Company

We are a 4,000 acre farm located in Herronton AB, 90km SE of Calgary. We currently focus on growing barley, wheat, canola, peas and mustard and in the past have also raised cattle, pigs and turkeys. Our land base is a combination of owned, rented and crop shared acres and we are always keen to meet with farmers in the area looking to transition their farming role but maintain ownership of their land. 

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We constantly strive to improve efficiencies in our operations and there is no better way to do this than to take advantage of the latest technology available to agriculture. We are always keen to learn about the latest technology available to producers and love implementing new advancements to see how they enhance our capabilities. 


There is no question working safely is the number one priority of any farming operation, and for us safety is simply a way of life. We encourage our family to be around all aspects of the farm as it creates an on-going opportunity to teach proper safety techniques and identify potential dangers which results in safe actions and behaviours in respect to the farming environment. 


As part of our dedication to run environmentally safe practices we are certified with the Alberta Environmental Farm Plan. This is a voluntary, whole farm program that includes a self-assessment tool to help producers identify environmental risks relating to their operations and develops plans to mitigate them. For more information on this program visit :

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