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Our Crop Production 


Barley is a widely adaptable crop that grows well in cool conditions, making it an ideal grain to include in our crop rotation. When it has acceptable protein and germination levels barley is malted for beer production and AB barley is world renowned for its quality when it comes to brewing. Getting our barley to malt is always then goal but timely rains prior to harvest affect the malt grade and if the barley is rejected for malt it is sold for livestock feed. It is one of the least expensive crops to grow and very marketable in Alberta, but the profit will vary whether it is makes malt or is sold into the feed market.  

Yellow Peas 
Peas are one of our favorite crops to grow because we love the challenge of experimenting and trying new things for high production return. They give back good nutrients to the soil so are great for rotational opportunities. Because they are usually in high demand and are easily marketable, they also make for a great cash crop. We have been growing them for many years and continue to see their popularity increase among producers in our area. Peas are not a popular domestic crop and usually get exported to India or China. 


Wheat is one of the most widely known grains and the longest growing on our farm. It is used to produce many common food ingredients like ground flour and can also be steamed, milled, puffed and flaked which makes it very versatile for food production. It is an easy crop to manage and inexpensive to grow compared to some others, but is often susceptible to low market prices because it is widely produced and available globally to grain buyers.    


Canola is the world's only "made in Canada" crop. Developed in the 1970's, its name is derived from Canada (place of origin) and ola (meaning oil). It is most commonly used for making cooking oil and bio diesel fuel. We like to grow it because it is a great addition to our crop rotation and we can swath it prior to harvest which assists with time management and efficiency during this busy time. Canola is also beneficial to cash flow as it is a high value and very marketable oilseed.

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